Stay Strong



Age: 15

Hometown: Wigan, UK

Sponsors: Stay Strong ,Clark Kent Contractors, Bensink BMX Gates , Rockstar Energy, Freegun, Box Components, Alienation, Profile, Troy Lee Designs , ANSR , ODI , Oakley

Paddy Sharrock is one of the most talented bike riders on the scene and at 14 years old he's our only non Elite rider on the World Team. At Stay Strong we've always been a fan of his skill and style and he's a perfect rider to represent our brand. He's fast, smooth with track craft that see's him pulling moves and finding impossible gaps. 2013 was a good year for Paddy, he was the youngest ever UK rider to make an Elite Men's final. He won a lot of laps, made European Championship round podiums and finished 4th at the World Championships in New Zealand. Big things to come from Paddy in the future..

Stay Strong