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Staying Strong

Stephen Murray — Living Legend and BMX Icon
Staying Strong' — Autobiography

PRE ORDER NOW — Released 22nd June

Staying Strong, the autobiography of Stephen Murray, is a raw, inspirational story that will become a collector's item and a 'must have' for every Action Sports fan and beyond and for anyone who, when they think they've got nothing left, can look inside themselves and 'dig deeper'.

Following a harrowing accident in 2007 Stephen was paralysed from the neck down and is still confined to a wheelchair. When asked what his ambition for the future is now, after writing this
book, Stephen replied: "I want to get out of this f*cking chair and hug my kids".

This book deals with some very dark moments, the challenges faced every day as a father going through a divorce, a custody battle and whether he will ever ride a bike again — Stephen may have lost the use of his body but he has never lost his love or passion for BMX. It's this passion that pushes him through every day. His determination teaches us all that you are more than your disability and that although he has been taken to some dark places since his accident they are also mixed with some of the best days of his life.

Stephen has lived a completely crazy life, which includes rubbing shoulders with some famous faces from David Beckham to Pharrell Williams to Richard Branson and more — all of which have touched Stephen's life along the way and he now wants to share his highly inspiring 'no stone unturned' autobiography with the world.